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Work Programme

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019  sets the future structure of the modernised planning system.  The new Act includes a broad range of changes to be made across the planning system including: 

  • arrangements for the preparation of development plans
  • proactive masterplanning
  • development management procedures and considerations
  • strengthening enforcement
  • a focus on improved performance and positive outcomes

The detail of how our reformed planning system will work in practice will be contained within secondary legislation and guidance, and we are working towards that now. 

Our Transforming Planning in Practice (September 2019) work programme had set out how we would engage stakeholders and implement most of the changes to the planning system by 2021. However, much of this work had since been paused as a result of the Covid-19 emergency, so that we can ensure people can continue to be involved in these crucial improvements to our planning system.

We prioritised some elements of the reform programme in advance of the 2021 Scottish Parliament election. That included the legislation enabling the designation of Short-Term Let Control Areas and the aspects of the programme which enhance Community Engagement and the opportunities for local people to have a positive influence over the future development of their places.

This March 2021 letter to planning stakeholders includes an update on recent progress and next steps on the implementation of the 2019 Planning Act.

You can also keep up with latest progress and access resources through our Work Packages pages.

We will say more about the scheduling of the remainder of the programme as soon as we can.

Last Updated: 24 Mar 2021