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Leadership, Skills and Resourcing

The Leadership, Skills and Resourcing work package includes implementation of Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 provisions relating to:

  • Role of Chief Planning Officers
  • Planning fees
  • Performance reporting
  • National Planning Improvement Coordinator
  • Elected member training

Leadership, Skills and Resourcing Working Group

December 2019 meeting slides - PDF (859kB)

December 2019 meeting discussion Summary - PDF (291kB)

Performance and resources

Our consultation paper Planning Performance and Fees (December 2019) proposed a new approach to measuring and improving performance and a new structure for planning fees. In revisiting our work programme while responding to the COVID-19 emergency, we have paused this work for now and will pick up again when the timing is more appropriate.

We have supported recent research by the Royal Town Planning Institute on Measuring Planning Outcomes.


The Scottish Government is a member of Partners in Planning – an online platform to support Scotland’s planners in delivering successful places.  See the Partners in Planning website as a single access point to the knowledge and skills that enables behavioural change in the planning system, and also this Skills in Planning research (February 2021).

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National Planning Framework 4

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Last Updated: 07 Jun 2023