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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement work package includes implementation of Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 provisions relating to:

  • Local place plans
  • Effective community engagement
  • Mediation guidance
  • Pre-application consultation

Community Engagement Working Group

December 2019 meeting slides - PDF (1.03MB)

December 2019 meeting discussion Summary - PDF (390kB)

October 2020 meeting discussion Summary - PDF (240kB)

Local Place Plans

Local Place Plans (LPPs) offer the opportunity for a community led, but collaborative, approach to creating great local places. LPPs can support community aspirations on the big challenges for a future Scotland, such as responding to the global climate emergency and tackling inequalities, and help shape local planning policies and development priorities contained in the Local Development Plan.

Consultation on regulations

The 2019 Planning Act provided the framework for the delivery of LPPs. We are currently consulting on how regulations will clarify the arrangements for their content, preparation, submission and registration. The consultation runs until 25 June 2021.

Due to the Scottish Parliament election, we will be focussing our engagement after 6 May 2021. Supported by the linked local place plans consultation guide (PDF 838 kB), we hope this will provide an opportunity for people to consider the proposals in depth and be ready to engage fully over the last half of the consultation period. We will publish more details in May, but please read our blog on Local Place Plans – next steps for more information.

Draft ‘How to’ Guide

We commissioned the Scottish Community Development Centre and Nick Wright Planning to undertake a review of community-led planning in Scotland and to distil that learning into a draft ‘How to’ Guide aimed at supporting communities to prepare Local Place Plans. See the research report and draft ‘How to prepare a local place plan’ Guide. Whilst we are not consulting formally on the draft ‘How to’ Guide, we are keen to hear people’s views on its contents. 

Mediation in Planning

Section 40 of the 2019 Planning Act requires the Scottish Ministers to issue guidance, by July 2021, on the promotion and use of mediation in planning. Our consultation on draft guidance closed on 12 March 2021 – see the consultation and responses. We will publish a consultation analysis report in due course.

Pre-application Consultation

New regulations are due to come into force on 1 October 2021 which will change the requirements for pre-application consultation with communities about major developments. Further changes at section 18 of the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 will come into force at the same time, explained in this Policy Note. We are preparing new guidance in advance of the changes. This follows a consultation carried out in autumn 2020 – see also the consultation responses and consultation analysis report.

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2021