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Work Packages

The comprehensive planning reform Work Programme is being taken forward through several themed work packages which cover different aspects of the Scottish planning system and its operation.

We will frequently publish new information, resources and working group papers on each work package so you can follow progress towards new legislation, guidance and emerging practices.

Community Engagement

Actions that are improving local people’s involvement and influence over the planning of their areas, including a new right to prepare local place plans.

Compulsory Purchase Reform

A programme of work to reform and modernise Compulsory Purchase Orders.

Development Planning

Implementing important changes to the way development plans are produced for our plan-led system and supporting their delivery.

Development Management

A suite of changes to the arrangements for making applications, considering and deciding about future developments.

Leadership, Skills and Resourcing

Increasing the focus on how planning services are delivered, measured and improved.

Permitted Development

A programme of review and extension of permitted development rights, which enable some developments to be carried out without the need for planning applications.

Planning Obligations

We are reviewing developer contributions mechanisms to inform future policy on infrastructure planning and delivery, including some legislative changes for planning obligations.

Last Updated: 21 Feb 2024