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On this page, we will link to all consultation papers and subsequent analyses of responses as we progress the Transforming Planning in Practice programme. ​

This data protection impact assessment (DPIA) - PDF (371kB) considers the privacy implications associated with the consultation arrangements undertaken by the Scottish Government’s Planning and Architecture Division.​



Live consultations 

No current live consultations 

Complete consultations, responses and analysis


Draft National Planning Framework 4 - closed 31 Mar 2022

Local Development Planning - Regulations and Guidance - closed 31 Mar 2022 

Open Space Strategies and Play Sufficiency Assessments - closed 31 Mar 2022

Review of permitted development rights - phase 2 - closed 3 Aug 2022


National Planning Framework 4: Position Statement - closed 19 Feb 2021

Guidance on the promotion and use of mediation in the Scottish Planning system - closed 12 Mar 2021

Local Place Plan Regulations consultation - closed 25 Jun 2021


Proposed programme for reviewing and extending permitted development rights (PDR) in Scotland - closed 28 Jan 2020

Planning performance and fees - closed 16 Feb 2020 ​

Short term lets: Consultation on a licensing scheme and planning control areas in Scotland - closed 16 Oct 2020

Proposed changes to pre-application consultation requirements in planning - closed 6 Nov 2020

Reviewing and extending permitted development rights (PDR) in Scotland: Consultation on phase 1 proposals - closed 12 Nov 2020

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The Draft National Planning Framework 4

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Last Updated: 17 Aug 2022