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Upgrade to eDevelopment Service

29th June 2022

We’ve started work on the next package of upgrades to the service.

What is changing?

This first upgrade will consist of changes to the declaration in the following Building Standards forms:

  • Application for Building Warrant
  • Application for Amendment to Building Warrant
  • Completion Certificate
  • Completion Certificate Where No Building Warrant Was Obtained

These changes will focus on asking all users of the portal to participate in the annual Building Standards Customer Survey.

The second part of the upgrade will fix several bugs in the Planning Fee Calculator and reflect changes in an amendment to Scottish Planning Regulations that come into effect on 30th June 2022. The upgrade will amend the following:

  • Fee for Application for Planning Permission that does not fall into any of the listed categories.
  • Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing Use that does not fall into any of the listed categories.
  • Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions where no previous application has been made or fee has been paid.

What’s next?

We will continue testing on these changes, and are working towards a Live service release in late July 2022.