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Planning’s practical help with the COVID-19 crisis, our recovery – and beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down for us all and we thank colleagues and partners for their support at this time. We’re continuing our work to create a resilient, digitally driven planning system – in parallel to looking to the future.

The crisis puts digital under the spotlight as we turn to do more online. This applies to our planning system too. While it continues to work well, the crisis has sharpened focus on the urgent need for digital solutions to our system – and to help kick start our economy.

Social distancing rules put in place as a result of the pandemic make traditional ways of consulting the public impractical. Here are practical examples of digital solutions some partners are using to reach people and gather views.

What we’ve learnt over the last few weeks reinforces our research findings from before the crisis. Working with our partners, we’ll explore what we may be able to deliver sooner than planned. Anything we develop will be of use longer term. We might need to adapt it, but it will be part of the new system.

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