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Planning Fee Changes

28th March 2022

What is changing and why?

The Scottish Government have been working with stakeholders over the last few years on updating the Scottish planning fee system so that it more closely covers the costs of determining applications and to provide additional resource to all authorities to deliver service improvements. Starting with a consultation in 2019, the Scottish Government have been seeking views on a number of proposals for this update.

The Scottish Government website, Improving planning processes gives further detail on exactly what is changing and why.

What have eDevelopment been doing to prepare?

The eDevelopment team have been working hard to ensure that the ePlanning Fee Calculator will be correct and reflect the upcoming changes in planning fees that will come into force on 1 April 2022.


We considered a variety of different options including a number of workaround solutions, updating the existing calculator, and even exploring the potential for an entirely new calculator.


At present, upgrading the existing Fee Calculator is the best option. This will allow us to continue to meet current user expectations of the tool and also deliver some improvements to it.


We expect to release changes to the ePlanning Fee Calculator on the morning of 1 April 2022 to coincide with the introduction of the planned fee changes.


How can I get in touch if I have any questions?


If you have any feedback on the updated ePlanning Fee Calculator, or any other ideas for improving the service, please contact us at