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Improving the eDevelopment Support Desk

22nd November 2021



The eDevelopment Support Desk provides assistance for up to 300 users of the service every month by phone, email and social media.

Running the Support Desk remotely across the past 20 months has created lots of opportunities for learning and improving in how we provide support and assistance to our users.

Since June, we have trialled new operating hours from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday. This has been well received by our users and has the added benefit of positively impacting our team’s wellbeing.

We are currently changing how we support users making it easier and quicker to get the right guidance for the service, which, in turn allows our team to better manage enquiries.

The changes we are making

Having listened to user feedback that indicated the Support Tab was difficult to locate, this will now be made more visible on the website so it’s clearer where to go for support and guidance.

We also plan to refine the function of the “Feedback” form located in the Support Tab, making this the main way to request support from the eDevelopment team. This will help users by allowing them to request support and set out:

• a description of their issue
• how they would like to be contacted
• when they would prefer to be contacted

This will allow the Support team to investigate issues quickly and contact users in a more efficient and effective way.

What's next?

We expect to start development and testing on these changes soon, and are working towards a Live release in December 2021.

We will be providing updates as we go on eDevelopment Scotland and Twitter @eDevelopmentSG.



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