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eDevelopment service update

14th June 2021

Based on suggestions from our users, we have recently made some changes and upgrades to the eDevelopment service to address priority issues, update the server and software, deliver new functions and address bug fixes.

Now that we are nearing the midpoint of 2021, we’d like to share some of the changes and upgrades we have made to the service over the year so far.

Of particular note, we released a large service improvement package in February 2021. Nicknamed Development J, this package of upgrades was developed in collaboration with our partners and from user suggestions, and focused on addressing priority issues to deliver new functions to the service.

Following Development J, we have implemented a series of smaller releases focused on addressing bug fixes, and delivering server and software updates.

What has been added?

We’ve released the follow upgrades:

  • The provision of an extra text field in the Amendment to Building Warrant (ABW) form.
  • Aligning field character limits and limiting the length of supporting document filenames in several parts of the site to reduce the risk of processing issues for authorities.
  • Adding a detailed Location Description section for users selecting the Easting and Northings option to enter an address when creating a proposal.
  • Updating the ePlanning Which Form Wizard.
  • Updating the ePlanning Fee Calculator, including releasing several bug fixes.
  • Additional functionality to allow users to better sort their proposals on the My Proposals section.
  • Improving the Supporting Documentation section of the website by optimising the database functions, improving site speed, and allowing users to delete multiple documents from their form at the one time.
  • Monthly windows and server updates.

If you have any further thoughts or suggestions, please contact us via the feedback section in our support tab.