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eDevelopment - a look ahead to 2023

28th February 2023

We are well underway into the New Year, and it has been a few months since our last eDevelopment update.

2022 was a big year for eDevelopment, and our plans for 2023 are even more ambitious.

Our highlights for 2022

  • accepted over 280,000 total online submissions through the eDevelopment in 2022
  • helped over 1,500 people use the service through our Support Desk
  • delivered three service improvement and upgrade packages;
    • updated our ePlanning Fee Calculator to reflect changes in Scottish planning fees that came into effect on 1 April 2022
    • made changes to the declarations in several eBStds forms, postcode changes, and configured Google Analytics 4 for the eDevelopment service
    • introduced minor security fixes for the service
  • delivered 8 Bug Fixes across the year, including;
    • issues with the Map Search function
    • back button double click bug fix
    • SQL server and .NET Framework Updates
    • connector related fixes
    • configurating new payment engines for local and planning authorities
    • card payment fixes
  • updated our Health Check in both February 2022 and September 2022.

Our plans for 2023

  • deliver further service improvement updates, including;
    • updating the local authority boundary map for the service
    • releasing bug fixes, windows, and server updates throughout the year
    • working through potential changes to the eBuildingStandards fee calculator later in the year
  • deliver key projects including:
    • Payment Service – building on the Discovery and Alpha work to deliver of a new centralised Payment system with GOV.UK Pay and integrate this into the current eDevelopment service
    • Gateway Service – the new ‘front-door’ to coordinate easy access to information and services on planning and building standards in Scotland and provide a home to new end-to-end digital planning services
    • Apply Service  – starting to develop a replacement of the current eDevelopment service, and a service that uses data to improve the user experience and better aids policy and decision-making
    • shifting eDevelopment to the cloud
  • undertake two more Health Check updates in March 2023 and September 2023
  • deliver site and content updates for the current service and the upcoming Gateway and Apply services

If you have any questions, or want updates on how we are doing, you can contact us by email at or DM us at @eDevelopmentSG