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Digital mapping illustrates COVID-19 emergency funding

Community Funding Map dashboard screenshot

Digital Planning’s role in Scotland’s recovery from COVID-19 goes beyond keeping the planning system running. Working with our colleagues in Housing and Social Justice, we’ve brought together data from multiple sources to display the £350 million funding being given to support communities across Scotland affected by coronavirus. The potential value and power of bringing this data together is huge.

Liz Pringle, Head of Digital PlanningHead of Digital Planning, Liz Pringle, is delighted her team has been able to help: “When clear information is more crucial than ever, our geospatial analysts have shown how digital mapping can bring clarity to complex information. Working closely with policy fund leads, the dashboards they’ve created give a clear and simple way of explaining the investment being made by the Scottish Government to help communities across the country.”

Our online dashboards show where and how each of the four main funds are providing financial support across Scotland. Information such as, the number of awards made and funding amounts, are set out. An overview map brings all this funding together by local authority and per capita.

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