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Scottish planning policy

The Draft National Planning Framework was laid in parliament on 10th Nov, 2021. Consultation will be for a maximum of 120 days.

The fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4) will incorporate Scottish Planning Policy which contains detailed national policy on a number of planning topics. For the first time, spatial and thematic planning policies will be addressed in one place.

The current Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) was published in 2014 and will remain in place until NPF4 is approved by the Scottish Parliament, and adopted by Scottish Ministers.

The Draft NPF4 sets out refreshed planning policy under four themes:

  • Sustainable places
  • Liveable places
  • Productive places
  • Distinctive places

As part of developing the Draft NPF4 a series of policy briefing notes were produced. Updates to these policy briefing notes will be made available on our website soon.  

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The Draft National Planning Framework 4

Read the draft on Take part in the consultation

Last Updated: 18 Nov 2021