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Position Statement

Our Position Statement sets out our thinking as of November 2020 and reflected on the wealth of information received through the Call for Ideas engagement programme. 

This Position Statement aims to inform further discussions and is not itself a document setting out policy.  It is important to emphasise that no decisions have been made and we will extensively consult on the detail in Autumn 2021.

We invited comments on the Position Statement over a 12 week period from November 2020 to February 2021. Both the consultation responses and an independent Analysis on Responses are available to view. We also commissioned PAS to support communities plus children and young people to engage in the development of NPF4. The outputs are available below.

NPF4 Position Statement Community Discussion Events Report PAS - April 2021 - PDF (943kB)

NPF4 Youth Engagement Report PAS - April 2021 - PDF (1.72MB)

The approach to producing NPF4 will continue to be a collaborative one, that no decisions have yet been made, and that the Scottish Government will continue to work with a wide range of stakeholders to develop the proposals over the coming months. These reports and the individual responses will be used to inform draft NPF4 which is scheduled for publication in autumn 2021. 

We will continue to update our Programme for Engagement - PDF (291kB) as work progresses towards a draft NPF4, ensuring opportunities for all to be involved.

During the Position Statement consultation period, the Royal Town Planning Institute held 4 roundtable sessions to discuss some key themes:

Post Covid Recovery - PDF (391kB)

20 Minute neighbourhoods - PDF (276kB)

Achieving net zero - PDF (396kB)

Delivering good quality development - PDF (368kB)

The following resources were provided alongside the Position Statement to stimulate discussions during the consultation period:

Overview Presentation (self-read) of the Position Statement - PDF (1.7MB)

Summary Sheet of Potential Key Policy Shifts - PDF (110kB)

Infographics on the four NPF4 themes - PDF (210kB)

Last Updated: 25 Jun 2021