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Map of proposed national developments

Eighteen proposed national developments are included in the draft NPF4 and are set out on the map of proposed national developments below.

They are ‘proposed’ as they are in draft for consultation at this time.  

Map of proposed National Developments

To view the map in more detail, you can download a PDF version:

List of proposed national developments

The national developments shown in the map above are:

  1. Central Scotland Green Network - Location: Central Scotland local authorities within a boundary identified by the Green Action Trust.
  2. National Walking, Cycling and Wheeling Network - Location: All Scotland.
  3. Urban Mass/Rapid Transit Networks - Location: Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh city regions.
  4. Urban Sustainable, Blue and Green Drainage Solutions - Location: City and wider catchment areas of Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  5. Circular Economy Materials Management Facilities - Location: All Scotland.
  6. Digital Fibre Network - Location: All Scotland.
  7. Islands Hub for Net Zero - Location: Western Isles, Shetland, Orkney and surrounding waters.
  8. Industrial Green Transition Zones - Location: St Fergus, Peterhead, and Grangemouth.
  9. Pumped Hydro Storage - Location: All Scotland, with an initial focus on Cruachan.
  10. Hunterston Strategic Asset - Location: Hunterston Port and Hunterston A power station site.
  11. Chapelcross Power Station Redevelopment - Location: Site of the former Chapelcross power station.
  12. Strategic Renewable Electricity Generation and Transmission Infrastructure - Location: All Scotland.
  13. High Speed Rail - Location: Central and southern Scotland to the Border with England.
  14. Clyde Mission - Location: The river and land immediately next to it (up to around 500 metres from the river) along its length.
  15. Aberdeen Harbour - Location: Aberdeen Harbour, Aberdeen South Harbour.
  16. Dundee Waterfront - Location: Dundee Waterfront zones: Central Waterfront, Seabraes, City Quay, Dundee Port, Riverside Business Area and Riverside Park; Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc.
  17. Edinburgh Waterfront - Location: Edinburgh, initial focus on Leith to Granton.
  18. Stranraer Gateway - Location: Stranraer and associated transport routes.

More detail on each of these proposed national developments is given in the Draft NPF4

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The Draft National Planning Framework 4

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Last Updated: 22 Jun 2022