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Consultation resources

Resources to support engagement with the Draft National Planning Framework 4 consultation.

The following resources aimed to help you get involved in the consultation. 

Resource Pack

We recognised that groups or individuals will wish to consider the information in ways that suit them, to consider and submit their responses to the consultation. We also know that certain groups may wish to host their own event to consider and finalise their submission to the consultation. 

To assist this, we have a range of supporting materials available:

Introductory material

A video introduction to the Draft National Planning Framework 4 (Draft NPF4) from Fiona Simpson, Chief Planner, Scottish Government. 

The consultation closed on 31 March 2022. 

Supporting information

The full range of information to support the Draft NPF4 consultation is provided on this site through the links listed. 

NatureScot are currently consulting on:

The consultation on this guidance closed on 4 March 2022

Extracts from the Draft NPF4

We appreciate that the Draft NPF4 is a large document and you may wish to discuss or share sections or graphics.

The following resources are all extracts from the document, to allow you to use in your own discussions:

Draft strategies for the five action areas:

Draft NPF4 logo

The Draft National Planning Framework 4

Read the draft on

Last Updated: 26 Apr 2022