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Draft NPF4 (November 2021 – March 2022)

The Draft NPF4 was published for consultation and laid in the Scottish Parliament.

An invitation as made for stakeholders to engage with Scottish Futures Trust in a collaborative workstream on delivery.

Online Events were facilitated by Kevin Murray Associates (KMA) and PAS and were to raise awareness and for views about the Draft NPF4 to be shared:

10 Feb – Northeast Transition Slides 

15 Feb - Northern Revitalisation Slides 

23 Feb – Southern Sustainability Slides

01 Mar - Central Urban Transformation Slides

08 Mar - North and West Coastal Innovation Slides

17 Feb - Liveable Places Slides

24 Feb - Productive Places Slides

03 Mar - Distinctive Places Slides

10 Mar - Sustainable Places Slides


Consultation draft extracts to inform discussion:

Draft strategies for the five action areas: 



Draft NPF4 logo

National Planning Framework 4

Read the adopted NPF4 on

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2023