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Delivery Programme

The successful delivery of NPF4 is of crucial importance and relies on a number of delivery partners and stakeholders, working together collaboratively.

The National Planning Framework 4 Delivery Programme is an important tool which sets out the approach for implementing NPF4 and includes key actions to be taken forward over the short and medium term. Essential elements of the approach to delivery include:

  • Governance and collaboration
  • Delivery mechanisms
  • Infrastructure funding and finance
  • Skills, resources and performance
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The Delivery Programme will be actively monitored, progressed and updated over the lifetime of NPF4, meaning that it will evolve and can adapt to changing circumstances.

The current Delivery Programme (version 2) was published in September 2023.  It updates version 1 which was published in November 2022. 

Delivering National Developments

The preparation of NPF4 Delivery Programme has been underpinned by research undertaken by Scottish Futures Trust, which identified key principles for delivery and established a delivery template for National Developments. This research can be found at: National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) - Scottish Futures Trust

Working with SFT, we are reaching out to lead partners throughout 2023 to understand the current position of the National Developments, with a view to identifying high level actions and next steps. This builds upon the work SFT delivered in 2022. If you would like further information on this, please contact SFT at, or refer to the SFT website.

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2023