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National Planning Framework

The National Planning Framework (NPF) is a long-term plan for Scotland that sets out where development and infrastructure is needed.

Implementing NPF4

National Planning Framework 4, as adopted by the Scottish Ministers on 13 February 2023. 

Delivery Programme

The NPF4 Delivery Programme is an important tool which sets out the approach for implementing NPF4 and includes key actions to be taken forward over the short and medium term.


This section provides information on housing land targets in different areas of Scotland. 

Integrated Impact Assessment

Information on the Integrated Impact Assessment Reports published alongside the draft NPF4.  




This section provides an overview on what engagement was done to inform the development of the fourth National Planning Framework.

Planning, Infrastructure and Place Advisory Group

PIPAG will help drive forward joined up, place based delivery of development and infrastructure in Scotland.

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2023