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Work to date

User research

As part of this initial phase of the programme we have been conducting user research with a variety of audiences, from those who work with the system every day to those who have never interacted with the planning system before.

You can find more information on our user research, the key findings and our wider programme of evidence-gathering via Informing the Strategy.


The eDevelopment service

Digital Planning is building on a track-record of successful delivery. In 2016 we launched the award-winning eDevelopment service; a single national service that allows the submission of planning and building standards applications, and planning appeals, online.

eDevelopment is managed by the Scottish Government on behalf of all local and planning authorities in Scotland, supporting the provision of a single online service across every authority. The service has over 40,000 registered users and handles up to 90% of planning applications and 75% of building warrant applications submitted in Scotland.

Regular upgrades have been released since the service was launched. This has included improvements requested by service users and our Local and Planning Authority partners, updates to reflect legislative changes, and undertaking important site and database maintenance upgrades.

We will continue to update the eDevelopment service based on feedback from users and partners. You can find details of the latest updates on our news page.



Throughout this phase of the Digital Planning programme we have adopted the use of prototyping to allow us to see what the future could look like.

We have found these to be a valuable tool in illustrating what new systems and ways of working could look like, beyond words on a page.

Currently we are working on making these available to explore online via this website. We will look to have these online in Summer 2020.


Digital Mapping

We have successfully moved one of our prototypes from an illustrative concept into an actively developed tool.

Our digital mapping tool brings together multiple datasets from across different Scottish Government policy areas and external organisations, including local authorities and other agencies, into a single spatial map.

Since developing early versions of the tool we have found it to be a great way of enabling people to think spatially who may not be experienced in doing so - allowing everyone to become a planner.

In Spring 2020 the tool will be used to support early engagement on National Planning Framework 4.

At present we are working on making an early alpha version of the tool available for viewing - we will provide more information on this later in 2020.

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2020

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