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Visualising the future

To support Transforming Places Together: Scotland's Digital Strategy for Planning. and help visualise what the future of planning could look like, we developed a suite of illustrative prototypes to show how planning services in Scotland could look and function in the future.

We thought about how data and technology could be used to address the challenges and opportunities that were presented through our user research, and used these to create a series of illustrative prototypes.

These prototypes help illustrate what change could look like. What ultimately is developed could look very different but they give an early opportunity to explore the future of planning.

Applying for planning permission

In-line validation based off geospatial policy, location based data and trackable applications.

Commenting on applications

Empowered communities could have a greater understanding of what is happening in their area and how they can get involved to help shape their place.

Assessing applications

Removing time-consuming admin work for planning of chasing documents and manually validating.

Finding and viewing sites

Using a shared platform, citizens, communities, investors and more could search for sites in order to then comment, make applications and more.

Producing plans

Taking advantage of a shared platform, real-time open data and powerful writing tools could enable planners to focus on planning when writing future Local Development Plans.

Data-driven policy making

How geospatial data can be used to inform delivery of strategic and national outcomes

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2023