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How to apply

You will be pleased to hear there will be no written application forms.

All we want is a short Video Story (3 mins max) that tells us about your work. This does not have to be fancy, we will accept anything from a PowerPoint to a video. Whichever category you select, your Video Story must show how your work relates to planning.

Your Video Story should specifically detail what is ‘innovative’ about your project and why it is ‘successful’. Also, please make sure to tell us the basics;

  • Project title
  • Name - lead person/job title submitting the video
  • Organisation/s involved - individual names
  • Category - to best represent your work. Once you have selected your category it will not be possible to ‘switch’. Therefore, please align your wok appropriately. 


Additional information


  • The process launched in June 2023

June - Launch (15 June)
September - Closing date for entries (15 September)
October - Judges sifting
November - Shortlist announced
February - Interviews
March 2024 - Winners announced

Who can enter?

  • anyone can enter SPIA - whether as an individual or a team. This includes local authorities, architects, consultants, community groups, house builders, developers, public agencies plus young groups, volunteers and voluntary organisations. Your work, however, must specifically relate to Scotland’s planning system

What we’re looking for in your entries

  • we’ve made it really simple!. We are only asking you to tell us what is (1) innovative about your project and why it has been (2) successful. That’s it! please note that your work must be completed and have operated long enough for a fair assessment of its achievements. If part of a phased development, it is recommended that a significant phase has been completed prior to submission. Applications will not be considered if premature. 

Longer time to prepare your entries

  • with entries now being Video Stories only, we will be providing you 3 months to create your movie. After you’ve completed your story, the Judges will look to Shortlist and then interview you/the team. There will be no extra work required to prep. for the interview as your Video will be your main submission but we would look for you/your team to set the scene with a short presentation (3 mins max) by telling us why your project deserves an Award

What if there are written documents that support my entry

  • please do not send us any written forms or documents as support – we truly have gone fully digital! But if you do wish to show us any documents please insert a link into your video


  • we can’t really not mention it! But please do consider entering any of your work which has been created during COVID to work in a new way. We know you’ve been having to adapt over the years

Public Choice Award

  • we have always loved learning about the public’s favourite project in the past, so we’ve kept this Award! The Public’s Choice Award allows anyone to vote for their desired shortlisted SPIA entry

Social media

  • to support SPIA we will be launching an Instagram account specifically for your Award work. It’s yours to enjoy so please #SPIA so that we can fill the account with your pictures – from your behind the scenes preps, the people involved etc. and any good news about your work. Watch this space! #SPIA #showyourinnovation #shareyoursuccess

Good luck!

  • we look forward to being inspired by you and your work. We hope that the Awards will help to intensify everyone’s learning and sharing, from a whole range of successful projects, no matter what type or scale across Scotland. We wish you the best of luck.





Last Updated: 13 Feb 2024