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Strategy Missions

Scotland's Digital Strategy for Planning contains five missions which set out our priorities for delivery and will enable us to fulfil the vision outlined in the strategy.

For Scotland to have a world leading digital planning system that helps connect people with their places to deliver a prosperous, green and fair country
The Vision, Transforming Places Together: A Digital Strategy for Planning

Five missions

Collectively they will enable us to deliver on our vision for Scotland’s planning system.

The five missions outlined in Scotland’s Digital Strategy for Planning were informed by an extensive period of user research, horizon scanning and stakeholder engagement. This highlighted the need for a whole-system approach which encompassed data, technology and ways of working.

Mission 1: Data

Unlock the value of planning data

Our focus on understanding, improving and drawing insight from data signals the importance we place upon this aspect of digital transformation. Unlocking the value of data will be key to realising an open and smart planning system.

Mission 2: Digital Technologies

Deliver an end-to-end digital planning experience

We will develop new digital services, platforms and tools that will deliver an end-to-end digital planning service experience, using next generation technologies. By focusing on the whole journey through planning, we will be able to develop the interoperability between systems to facilitate a truly digital planning system.

Mission 3: Ways of working

Create the conditions for digital to flourish

We will integrate digital fully into our processes and ways of working, support the development of high quality digital skills in planning and create the conditions for digital transformation to succeed.

Mission 4: People

Use digital tools to drive collaboration and engagement

We will develop digital tools to support greater digital participation and inclusion in planning, using them to drive collaboration and engagement with people and their places.

Mission 5: Innovation

Embed a culture of digital innovation

We will embed a culture of digital innovation in planning, securing a long-lasting legacy and allowing the sector to continuously improve and quickly respond to the emergence of new technology.

Goals and priority actions

Each mission is supported by a number of priority actions, and five-year objectives. These define what the programme will deliver in the first two years (immediate actions) as well as across its’ five year lifespan (longer-term objectives).

You can read these in full in Scotland’s Digital Strategy for Planning.

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Last Updated: 07 Jun 2023