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eDevelopment Service

In 2016 the Scottish Government launched the award-winning eDevelopment service, a single national platform that allows professionals and public users to submit planning and building standards applications online.

Operating and updating the current service

eDevelopment is managed by the Scottish Government on behalf of all local and planning authorities in Scotland, supporting the provision of a single online service across every authority. The service has over 55,000 registered users and receives up to 5,000 submissions each week. It handles up to 95% of planning applications and 80% of building warrant applications submitted to authorities in Scotland.

The value of the service to applicants and authorities alike has been demonstrated in the COVID-19 pandemic, where it has allowed applicants to prepare and submit planning and building standards applications and supporting documents remotely.

What happens next

As part of our programme of digital transformation we will continue to develop and improve the eDevelopment service as we have to date in the short-medium term.

We are planning updates based on feedback gathered through workshops we held during the COVID-19 pandemic with authorities. At these workshops we gathered valuable feedback regarding the aspects of digital transformation which would most benefit authorities and users during these challenging times, and this learning will inform both what we aim to deliver and when we aim to deliver it.

The current service is the foundation on which we are building our digital transformation and will remain integral to our plans as the digital transformation programme evolves.

In particular, there is the potential to expand on the scope of the current service and to evolve it to support the delivery of the digital transformation that we are working towards.

Last Updated: 07 Jun 2023