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Ways to get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved across the next 5 years in shaping and supporting the programme during delivery.

We will make information on current opportunities available here on Transforming Planning.

Early adopters

We will seek early adopters who will work with us using tried and tested agile and user centred design methods as we develop and prepare new services or systems (this might be with a legacy IT change or a payments system test – for example).

Change network

We will establish a change network. This is a group of people, on the ground, who will lead the change and implementation of new systems, bringing insight and questions to the working groups and act as a conduit for their organisations.

Secondments and full-time jobs

We will work with secondees and staff who are able to drive forward digital transformation, with a mixture of experience and skillsets. As we work through the priority deliverables for the next 12-24months we are gaining clarity about our recruitment and partnering needs.

Multi-functional advisor teams

We will establish teams consisting of representatives from across the sector who we will seek to advise us on services. These will be specialist groups who will inform the development of new systems and services.

Delivery partnerships

We will partner with organisations across the planning and technology sectors to explore a number of areas of interest. This will include initial exploration of 3D visualisation technology, as well as thinking about how we can close the skills gaps in planning and build a pipeline of young planners.

Innovation challenges

We will encourage new and innovative thinking in the planning sector by issuing innovation challenges. These are identified problems where we seek responses from innovators who can help find a solution to the problem – we find this is often attractive to start-up businesses who are developing ground-breaking thinking in the digital space

Procuring software

We will procure existing software where appropriate as we develop an end-to-end digital planning experience. Alongside the development of new software we will seek to deliver best value by utilising software currently on the market.

User Experience

We will undertake continuous testing and User Research, which will be at the heart of the programme. This will enable us to fully and deeply understand how all user groups are engaging with the system, and what they need. This ongoing research approach will inform our every step towards delivery

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Last Updated: 05 Jun 2023