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Informing the strategy

To inform development of Scotland's Digital Strategy for Planning we have drawn on a number of sources including user research, horizon scanning and case studies on how digital has been harnessed for engagement.

This package of work is the basis for the evidence-based recommendations which will be contained in the Digital Strategy for Planning.

It will enable us to take a user-centric approach to design, ensuring that user needs and wants are at the heart of the work we will collaboratively take forward.

eDevelopment service

The foundation on which we are building our digital transformation.

User research

Who we spoke to, what we found out and what we did with the findings. 

Horizon scanning

A short review of the existing and emerging technology trends examined to inform the strategy

Digital landscape research

Findings from our research projects, exploring three different aspects of the current digital landscape in more detail

COVID-19: lessons learned

Understanding the challenges presented to the planning sector by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Case studies

Some examples of digital engagement from across Scotland.

The Digital Taskforce

The people helping to guide and explore the possibilities of technology and data in a more accessible and responsive planning system of the future

Last Updated: 13 Aug 2021